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brows: frequently asked questions

What is the ideal or perfect eyebrow?

If you were born with naturally perfect eyebrows, consider yourself lucky. Each face shape has its own ideal set of brows. It is not a one size fits all approach. What works on one face shape won't compliment another to their full potential. This is why stencils should be avoided! Your opinion is highly valued and as an eyebrow artist, Seung will consider the look you desire and then share with you some tips of her trade. It is important that your eyebrows reflect your personality and sense of style. You should feel confident about your brow design and how it fits into your overall image.

(About face shape): I have small eyes and a long face. Is there anyway to make my eyes look bigger or my face less long? What about making a smaller forehead look bigger?

Definitely. Many are surprised to find that eyebrows can help change your face shape! First, we consider the horizontal and vertical lines of your face to determine what may be out of balance. Next we customize your brow design so that the desired balance is achieved. Look at our face shape pictures to identify which shape you are. Consult with Seung if you have concerns. All face shapes have something that compliments them.

Why do people talk about symmetry so much with the eyebrows?

It is very rare that someone is born with symmetrical eyebrows and it is actually very hard to achieve perfectly symmetrical eyebrows and preserve a natural look at the same time since your eyebrows have a lot to do with the muscles in your face. A deviated nose, misaligned lips, eyes set too deep, too far apart, or too close together...any of these things can upset facial balance. None of these facial features are easy to correct. However, eyebrows are the easiest to manipulate and to be adapted in a way that best fits your natural look. Balanced brows can create the illusion of symmetry that aids in accentuating the positive and camouflaging flaws.

What role does symmetry play in achieving beauty?

Arguably the most important concept associated with successful eyebrow design is the impact of symmetry on personal appearance. Facial symmetry equals beauty. Good symmetrical design implies health and vitality. It highlights physical attractiveness and draws out ones inner-beauty. Just as a beautiful piece of art or the words to a great song can bring out positive energy, a classy pair of eyebrows can emanate that same sense of creative beauty - the uniqueness of you.

What can be achieved with brow design?

The impact of symmetry on personal appearance. During your appointment we examine three separate regions of your face. Your consultation begins by using a small ruler to measure the distance between various facial features within those three regions. By analyzing the resulting spatial relationships we can calculate symmetry. Seung uses this information to customize a brow design that will achieve a symmetrical look.

How do eyebrows impact a person's image?

Eyebrow design can give a person their own signature look and style. It will bring a balance to your face and overall appearance. You will look and feel beautiful. Truly, a "miracle" is waiting for you in the midst of the lines, arches, muscles, and hair tones that make your eyebrows your own.

How long does it take to grow out my brows after a bad brow design?

It depends on the individual. Eyebrows are not affected by hormones which means they don't necessarily keep growing once you reach a certain age. Has it been six months since your bad brow design and still no new growth? If so, chances are that your brow hair has stopped growing. Don't panic! Our brow artists can create the perfect brow design with very natural looking semi-permanent make-up.