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The recognition of an eyebrow’s worth did not just evolve in the society we live in today. In fact, the manipulation of this key facial feature and the appreciation for its effect on the face dates back to the Egyptians.

The Egyptians used ground Galena—a black mineral—sulfur and animal fat in order to create a substance called kohl, which they would use to enhance their eyebrows. Using makeup to extend or fill in the brow is no new technique.

(To the left, Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra) 

brow evolution

A look at how brows have changed by the decade--


In the 1920’s, major plucking achieved the ideal thin line of hair curving downward towards the temple. 

(To the left, the first movie star, silent film actress Clara Bow)


In the 1930’s, eyebrows were tweezed to a very thin shape and desired a dramatic arch.


During the 40’s, eyebrows began to look more natural and took on more thickness compared to the decades before.


With the 70’s came a natural brow. The trend during this time gave the beginning of the brow a round shape.


The 1980’s emphasized the beauty of a natural, thick brow.

(To the left, Brooke Shields and the brows known around the world)  


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