Tashi Brow Studio

8308 Preston Rd Building 200 |Suite #259 (inside Imagique salon suites)
Plano, TX , 75024
Contact: 940-337-9080 | [email protected]

Basic and Advanced Course Curriculums 

100 hrs. (35 hrs. pre-classroom, textbook instruction + 65 hrs. in-studio classroom instruction)



Brows (Microblading, Hairline Strokes, Ombré): $5,500

Brows + Eyes + Lips: $6,500


  1. Intro
    1. History of tattooing/its background in permanent cosmetics
    2. Devices & machines available
  2. Client Consultation
    1. Analyze character of client and client selection
    2. Client expectations
    3. How to communicate before/aftercare 
    4. Client information forms/medical history 
    5. Identify potential problems for permanent cosmetics
    6. Determine when physician review is advised
      1. Consent forms
      2. Discuss informed consent
      3. Liability issues
  3. Office set-up
    1. Physical setting
      1. General Equipment
      2. table, chair, work surface, lighting
    2. Building codes
  4. Disinfection and sterilization
    1. Equipment
      1. Discuss acceptable forms of sterilization
      2. Disinfectants and antiseptics
    2. OSHA and CDC guidelines (or comparable) regarding bloodborne pathogens
    3. Technician safety
      1. Hand washing
      2. Hepatitis B vaccination
      3. Gloves – Nitrile only, no powder
    4. Proper handling of devices, needles, and pigments
    5. Sanitary measures during procedure set-up
    6. Sanitary measures during procedure clean-up
  5. Client preparation
    1. Pre-procedure care
      1. Preparing the client’s skin
      2. Ways of marking the skin
    2. Anesthetics and physician relationships
  6. Color and pigment theory
    1. Knowledge and use
    2. Pigments
      1. Preparation, mixing
      2. Storage
  7. Skin anatomy
    1. Composition/layers
    2. Healing process of skin and its care
    3. Diseases, disorders and conditions
      1. Infection
      2. Herpes simplex, shingles
      3. Moles, warts, freckles
      4. Psoriasis, eczema, rosacea
      5. Reactions
  8. Machine/Device theory
    1. Review machine (device) for technical aspects
      1. Operation and maintenance
      2. Use: speed, pressure, angle
      3. Trouble-shooting
    2. Evaluate capabilities of devices
    3. Only one type of device will be taught at the fundamental level once a preferred method is established
  9. Needles
    1. Appropriate needle selection and applications
      1. Groups, numbers, and configurations
    2. How mechanically used in the skin
    3. Maintenance
      1. Check for damage
      2. Storage and disposal
      3. Preparation for sterilization if not pre-sterile when purchased
  10. Photography
    1. What to document/How to document
    2. Tools/Guidelines
  11. After care
    1. Client follow-up
    2. Forms and instructions to provide
  12. Procedure experience: two (2) of each complete procedures:  eyebrows, eyeliner (optional at fundamental level – lip liner, shaded lip liner)
    1. Review issues, discuss
      1. Facial morphology
      2. Variations
    2. Work on practice medium
    3. Hands-on live model work – no shared models permitted.
      1. One trainer to one student only.
  13. Business set-up
    1. Basic business and marketing guidelines (optional)
    2. Legal requirements
    3. Insurance/liability

Class tuition of $6500 includes:

3 textbooks, brow pigments, eyeliner pigments, 30 microblades, practice fake skin

Class tuition of $7500 and:

Classroom is fully equipped with sanitary gloves, wipes, masks, disposable uniforms, all items 

needed to perform procedures.

3 textbooks, brow pigments, eyeliner pigments, 30 microblades, 

Machine needles(1,3,5 liners, 10 of each needles total 30), practice fake skin.

Includes 5-year support for student after completing 100 hours training course. 

A student will likely need support upon beginning her/his practice; 

I will provide support for one full year via classroom visit, phone, text, 

email, and Facebook group.  After the first year, support will be provided for the remaining four years

through Facebook group. 

Non-refundable $4500 is required before scheduling the class; 

the remaining balance is required before start of class.

*Beginners please send an e-mail first to [email protected] in order to register