Tashi Brow Studio

8308 Preston Rd Building 200 | Suite #259 (inside Imagique
Salon Suites) 
Plano, TX , 75024 | 940-337-9080
[email protected]

Permanent Makeup Menu

All procedures include a consultation at the beginning of appointment. 
If you need to book your consultation separately, 
the consultation is $50.00 and will be credited toward your procedure 
once booked.

  • Full Eyebrows (Microblading or Powder Technique)... $750.00
  • Full Eyebrows (Combination, Microblading + Powder Technique)...$750.00

Basic Eyeliner (top and bottom)…$650.00 
  • Thick eyeliner... $750.00
  • Top eyeliner only ..... $600.00
  • Bottom eyeliner only... $500.00 
  • Full Lip blush... $600.00 
  • Full Lips .... $800.00 

Touch-ups apply to clients who have previously seen Seung.
All new clients must come in for a consultation before booking touch-ups.

-Eight-Weeks Brows or Eyes (One Time Only)...$75.00
  • Eight-Weeks Lip (One Time Only)...$150.00
  • Yearly Brows or Eyes...$375
-Skin Needling by Zone…$250.00
-Consultation (if needed before procedure) .... $50.00
($50 will be credited to next appointment if deciding to come back)

Color Correction...$250.00 Per Session