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Important Pricing and Appointment Policies 

A no exceptions, friendly notice:

Dear Clients,

Seung has a tight schedule and runs back to back clients, so being late or making last-minute cancellations must be avoided. This benefits all clients and is also a courtesy to the functionality of the Studio. Helping others through the permanent make up process is something Seung has high passion and enthusiasm for--these policies ensure that she can give to as many as possible while also running an organized business. Thank you for your understanding.

It is understood that cancellations are sometimes necessary, if this should be the case, it's asked that you give Seung a 48-hour minimum notice of your cancellation. Otherwise, you will be charged 25% of the price of your scheduled appointment. If you cancel before the 48-hour mark, you will not be charged and you may proceed with booking for another time if you wish to do so.

If you are more than 15 minutes late, it will be necessary for you to reschedule your appointment and you will be charged 25% of the price of your scheduled appointment. This ensures you get the amount of time you need for a great treatment and keeps unfair delays, for clients who are booked after your scheduled appointment, from occurring. You will be charged the cancellation fee: 25% of the price of your scheduled appointment. 

Consultation fees must be paid before or on the day of consultation. If you and Seung move on to a procedure, the consultation fee is credited to the overall permanent make up price. However, if you do not continue with the procedure, the $50.00 fee does not go away.

If you have had permanent make up performed by someone else before coming to Seung, it is very important that you let her know ahead of time so that you both can communicate on whether or not she will have the opportunity to be of service to you. If it would be of convenience to you, please feel free to send her pictures attached to an e-mail prior to booking your consultation.

Permanent make up caters to the individual, not a faceless crowd. There is beauty in everyone. Seung loves to work with people, harness that beauty, and create a happier you. It is up to her discretion to make the final decision on whether or not she is the right person to satisfy your needs and, in turn, get to share in the benefits of permanent make up with you.

Tashi Brow and Skin Studio has the right to refuse service to anyone who threatens the positive environment cherished by all.

As a quick and easy introduction to the wonders of permanent makeup, go over the questions listed below and see if they resonate with you--if so, you may be closer to a little beauty magic than you think.

  • Are you a career woman with little time to worry about waking up every morning and applying your make-up? 

  • Permanent make-up provides a solid jump start to your morning routine.

  • Are you a woman with a career which does not allow you to refresh or fix your make-up throughout the day? (For example: doctors, nurses, busy moms, hair stylists, swimmers, manicurists, flight attendants, waitresses, saleswomen, etc.) Permanent makeup applies to anyone and everyone, from those seeking a little more convenience in their daily lifestyles to those desiring to enhance their look! 

  • Have you been wanting to revamp your eyebrows?

  • Permanent make-up makes it possible for women to redesign their eyebrows. Have you suffered from the negative effects of excessive plucking? Radiation? Graying hairs? 

  • Do your eyelashes ever make you feel as if you do not have enough definition?

  • Would you like to make a sparse and thin lash line appear fuller? 

  • Do you wish to give your lips more definition by making them appear fuller? Have more color? Be rid of wrinkles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, permanent makeup can be a fun and effective path for you to explore.


Seung's emphasis on personalization for each of her clients goes into each procedure. Your session is 2 and a half hours. This always begins with a thorough consultation. This means plenty of time is taken to explore options, develop a personalized plan, and get to know you. 

At the beginning of the appointment, you will fill out a survey about your natural hair color, skin tone, etc., so that Seung can conclude, from a professional standpoint, what colors will help you achieve the best results.

Seung identifies your face shape and then measures the muscular positions of your face, as well. Muscles dictate symmetry** We are not all born with naturally symmetrical faces! Seung does what she can with the information she takes from your face scientifically to design and correct the ways in which your muscles are causing asymmetry.

The procedure starts only after you have had plenty of time to discuss what you desire and how you want to look at the end.

The Menu

All procedures include a consultation at the beginning of the appointment. 

  • Full Brows (All Techniques)...$750.00
  • Basic Eyeliner (top and bottom)…$650.00
  • Thick eyeliner... $750.00
  • Top eyeliner only ..... $600.00
  • Bottom eyeliner only... $500.00
  • Lip Liner ..... $450.00
  • Full Lip Fade... $600.00
  • Full Lips .... $800.00 


  • -Six-Weeks Brows or Eyes (One Time Only)...$75.00
  • Yearly Brows or Eyes...$375
  • Skin Needling by Zone…$250.00
  • Consultation (if needed before procedure) .... $50.00
  • ($50 will be credited to next appointment if deciding to come back)
  • Six-Weeks Lip (One Time Only)...$150.00
  • Color Correction...$250.00 Per Session

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