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Be a part of the popular, fast-growing industry of permanent cosmetics by partnering with Seung.

-Seung updates her Bloodborne certification yearly
-Seung is HIPPA certified
-Seung has 15 years of permanent makeup experience alone
-Seung has been in the health & beauty industry for over 26 years
-Seung is constantly updating and continuing her education




3D Areola


Scalp Micro-

Offering these services in addition to the cosmetic or plastic surgery you're already offering means you can provide your clients with a more complete experience - for example, breast reconstruction surgery combined with 3D areola tattooing. It also means you can expand your reach, tap into a large audience already interested in permanent makeup, and keep up with others offering these services.

Services Offered Include:


Ready to grow and thrive together? If interested in partnering with Tashi Brow & Skin Studio, email us at:


Learn from the best with a one-day group session! Seung will visit your medical spa to share insights and the theory behind microneedling, as well as demonstrating the best techniques to improve your microneedling work.

Microneedling is effective on wrinkles, scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and acne scars. While many medical spas are offering this innovative, minimally invasive treatment, the results rely on the technique. With over 15 years of experience in permanent makeup, Seung has worked with and trained many medical professionals before - and she is excited to share her expertise with your staff! Depending on your preference, Seung will either invite you to her studio for a one-day course, or she will travel to your medical spa to train your staff. 

Interested in more details? Reach out to us at

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