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Pursuing a career in permanent makeup can be lucrative, self-fulfilling, and provide a flexible lifestyle. An SPCP Certified Trainer, Seung offers both beginner + advanced training hours in permanent makeup and microneedling training. 

Beginners may sign up for a group course held at the end of every month or for individual one-on-one training. You'll learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of permanent makeup, from conducting a perfect consultation, to how to operate your machinery, to the importance of color theory. 

Please send an e-mail to to view the full, fundamental curriculum and to sign up for your class with Seung.

100 hrs total:
35 hrs. pre-classroom instruction
65 hrs. in-classroom instruction

Trained permanent makeup artists looking for advanced hours can book online by clicking: here.

The field of permanent makeup is an ever-growing industry with career opportunities available in beauty salons, dermatologist offices, medical spas, and potentially, in a studio of your own.


At Tashi Brow Studio we are committed to keeping up with technological advancements, staying on top of industry standards, and providing the highest quality of service available.


Now, owner and founder, Seung Szczechowski, brings these same ethics and ideals to the classroom. With more than 25 years of continued education and experience in the beauty industry, 15 years of permanent makeup, Seung is a Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals Certified Trainer who is passionate about helping other artists succeed in this demanding field.


Offering both beginners and advanced permanent makeup courses, Seung’s thorough curriculum gives students the tools necessary to get started, to hone in on what they already know, and to take their reputation to the next level.


We want our students to provide their clients with services they can trust and experiences they will remember. When done properly, we can use permanent cosmetics to create looks so natural, evidence of work is imperceptible. For alopecia clients and cancer survivors, this is especially exciting.


As permanent makeup artists, we can give more than makeovers; we help people feel their best. We celebrate the individual and the fact that no two brows are the same.


A successful permanent makeup artist will know that it’s not about learning to draw the same great brow on every individual—it’s a personalized process that involves understanding everyone’s differences and celebrating them by giving them a look that is catered to them.


After your intensive training courses with Seung, you will be confident and comfortable identifying your client’s face shape, measuring the dimensions of their face properly, choosing a permanent makeup technique that matches their skin type and lifestyle, providing them with a precise and natural service, and communicating the permanent guidelines with them properly.

Feel comfortable with your investment and receive lifelong guidance as you navigate the exciting world of permanent makeup! After training with Seung, she will always be there to answer your questions as best as possible.

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